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My Morning Skincare Routine

I’ve been asked a lot since launching the business. What products do you use? Which are your favourites? So here is my morning skincare routine. I actually have quite oily skin and still get breakouts so I chose the natural products that have a great range of ingredients that really work to reduce blemishes and help with oily/spotty skin.
Step 1Cleanser: I think using a good cleanser is so important, so the first thing I do is wash my face with the Detox Clarifying Facial Wash from Goldfaden Md. This wash is amazing it’s a really powerful cleanser removing all make up, grime and really cleans your pores. It contains Glycolic Acid that is derived from cane sugar, this dissolves the excess oil and slightly exfoliates so reveals fresh glowing skin.
Step 2Toner: To help with balancing my oil throughout the day I always use the Dr Hauschka Clarifying Toner which really helps mattify my skin throughout the day, keeping excess oil at bay.
Step 3Spot on: On any blemishes or spots I have I roll the HD Clear Roll On Blend from Doterra. This helps reduce and heal quickly.
Step 4Serum: To even my skin tone and reduce any pigmentation or blemishes I apply the Brightening Elixir Serum from Goldfaden MD. This is full of antioxidants that work throughout the day to protect my skin and minimise the ageing process.
Step 5Moisturise: Depending on how my skin is feeling I will go for the Detox Hydrating Gel, by Goldfaden MD if it is congested and more oily, or if my skin is more balanced, I will use the Vital Boost.

Top tip – Always exfoliate at least twice a week, especially if you have congested skin. This will leave your skin not only feeling fresher, but removing the dead skin cells really allows the products to work too!