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Calm Essential Oil Blend


To lessen feelings of tension and calm emotions



  • Description

    Aromatherapy Benefit – Calming

    A calming blend of five essential oils designed to relax the mind and body.

    Lavender, Bergamot, Ylang-ylang, Rosemary, Frankincense
    Use in an oil burner or diffuser to scent a room or blend with a carrier oil such as sweet almond or grape seed for an aromatic massage.

    10g Glass Bottle

    Organic – Vegan Friendly – No Artificial Fragrances – No Parabens

  • Ingredients


    Bergamot Uplifting citrus oil. Boosts mood, relieves stress and anxiety.

    Frankincense Calming and relaxing. Relieves anxiety and chronic stress. Removes negative energy in the body and environment, making it a great oil to use in the bedroom before bed. Good for meditation and promoting enlightenment.

    Lavender Ultra calming and floral. Alleviates anxiety, stress and depression.

    Rosemary Protective, cleansing and grounding. Dispels negativity . Boosts self esteem.

    Ylang Ylang Sensual and floral, sometimes used as an aphrodisiac. Great stress reliever.

  • How to use

    Diffuse at night to calm a restless baby or child.

    Add 2–3 drops into a warm bath with Epsom salts to create a relaxing, renewing experience.


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