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Virgin Cold Pressed Rose Hip Oil


Anti-ageing and repairing. Reduces scarring



  • Description

    An amazing anti ageing and repairing treatment oil. Repairs and reverses sun damage, reverses premature ageing from the sun. Reduces scarring surgery acne. Reduces wrinkles and re hydrates.

    This amazing oil is imported by us directly from Chile It is well known for its rejuvenating and repairing properties both for the skin and hair. Because it is organic and virgin cold pressed it retains its precious actives that make this oil so special. A high percentage of Essential Fatty Acids Tretinoic Acid and major carotenoids Betacarotene Lycopene Rubixanthin Gazaniaxanthin Betacryptoxanthin and Zeaxanthin are largely responsible for making this oil fantastic for scarring, acne, scars, sun, wrinkles and sun spots.


  • Ingredients

    Rose Hip (Rosa Canina) Oil*, Sweet Orange (Citrus Aurantium Dulcis)*, Sunflower Oil(Helianthus Annus), Frankincense (Boswellia Serrata), Parfum (Fragrance), Vitamin E (Tocopherol) , Limonene , Linalool, Citral

  • How to use

    Apply 2 drops directly to scars both post surgery and acne scars twice a day for at least 4 months. For sun damage and premature ageing apply twice a day to the affected area. To repair sun damaged hair massage 2 drops to damp hair after washing.

    The Organic Pharmacy is supporting the Breast Cancer Prevention Partnership with a donation of £3.00 ($5.00) from every sale of our Virgin Cold Pressed Rose Hip Oil made in the UK and USA to this wonderful cause.

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